Give your home a heath and safety check-up.

Did you know that your home could be hazardous to your health?  From allergy sufferers to newborns to elderly and the handicapped, creating a healthy home can increase the safety and livability for all inhabitants. Between mold, pests, cleaning chemicals, and other contaminants, creating a healthy home takes work and perseverance. There are several key components that can help you focus on areas of concern: keep it dry; keep it clean; keep it pest-free; keep it ventilated; keep it safe; keep it contaminant-free; keep it maintained.


Now most homeowners get the bug to clean house at the onset of spring, hence the term Spring Cleaning. Spring cleaning is the annual rite of passage where homeowners deep clean. Move the fridge. Pull off all the cushions. Climb that ladder and get to those nooks and crannies. And although cleanliness is a great start, it’s just the beginning.


Let’s talk about some basic Home Health categories that you can address quickly and easily:


Home Maintenance – Filters. Filters. Filters. Change the filters. Change the heating and air conditioning filters. Change the carbon water filter in the fridge. And always clear the lint from the dryer filter before each load.


Child Safety – After you have plugged up every electrical outlet. After you have put child-proof safety latches on all the lower cabinets. There are still less obvious threats lurking in your home that can harm your child. Like an open dishwasher, while being loaded, can provide access to sharp objects. Here are some additional tips on child safety.


Elder Safety – Each year thousands of older people fall at home*. Reducing the risk may be accomplished by following some basic house rules. Remove the opportunities for tripping. De-clutter the floor. No shoes. No throw rugs. No extension cords. Here are some more ways that may make seniors safe at home.


Emergency Safety and Security - Don’t get caught is a perilous situation simply because the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are dead. Replace all batteries regularly. You should also consider keeping a Disaster Kit on hand.


There are many reasons to have a healthy home. But certain occasions or situations may make it more critical.  Parents bringing home a newborn are usually sticklers for having it be a safe, loving environment. Then there are those with medical conditions or physical limitations or even a handicap. And if you had structural damage from a fire or flood, extensive remodeling and renovations, then a health and safety check up is in order.


Here’s a side note you may find valuable. As you go through your home health inspection you may turn up code violations. But a building code violation doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be fixed. If it isn’t a posing a health threat or imminent danger local municipalities may be more lenient.


Many people have a great desire to make their homes inviting, cozy and welcoming. Making your home healthy, safe and secure is a great way to achieve that outcome.

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