Marketing Muscle.


    Every brand needs a little nudge now and then.    

From launching start ups to generating leads for high growth SMBs to rebranding enterprise level

organizations I have been there, done that. I have extensive experience creating concepts and content for 

multi-channel lead-gen campaigns, branding, digital assets, collateral, and sales support and enablement tools.


Marketing Consultant • High Growth Strategies • Copywriting  •  Concept Development  •  Analytics


Right Brain Stuff


I have launched brands for many industry verticals, but SaaS Tech

seem to be where most of my time

is spent these days. Positioning, messaging, content syndication,

digital, print, event and promotions. 


Left Brain Stuff


I have implemented marketing automation and CRM integration to

better distribute and track 

communications. If you need help

with campaign effectiveness 

reporting and ROI attribution let's talk.


So what have you done for me lately?



•Display Ads

•Home banners

•Landing page

•Social media posts

Reducing PUE by controlling WUE results in lower TCO


Water Conservation focus

  • Integrated deliverables targeting Hyperscale prospects

  • Promoting thought leadership article 

  • Gated content netting 48 leads (form submissions) to date


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Record-breaking results


Google Analytics reports

26% more website visitors than previous record

One landing page drove the traffic



17K visitors in 30 days

More than all other pages combined

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